A community centre within a community

The front of the community centre.

Late last year, when I went to Guangzhou, China, to speak at an ageing forum there, I visited Poly Garden’s community centre for seniors, which was launched in July 2015. It is membership-based and available for women from 55 and over, and men 60 and over.

The sign at the front of the centre.

It is open to the public as well as residents in the Poly Garden residential community, where the centre is located. According to officials, there are 5,000 families in the residential community, which was built over 10 years ago, and they are in an area where families are viewed as important.

The community centre, which has 400 senior members, invites doctors from hospitals nearby to come once a week to do physical therapy with its senior members. There is also a showroom in the centre, where seniors can order the products and they will be installed in their homes. At the centre, seniors can cut their hair, continue their lifelong learning, do calligraphy and sit on a chair massager.

See the pictures below, starting with the outside of the centre:

Road leading to the centre.

Residents live above the centre.

The front desk at the centre.


Here’s pictures of the centre and its offerings:

Seniors can eat and read.

A wide offering of reading materials are at hand.

Chinese chess.

Chinese calligraphy.

Grooming area.

Feet therapy.

More feet therapies.

Massage chairs.

Counter in the learning area.

The learning area.


Pictures of the products area and showroom:

Products area.

Various wheelchairs and walkers.

Canes and umbrella-canes.

More products.

Shelves of products.

Shoes on sale.

The showroom area where seniors can get ideas on things that can be installed in their homes.

Showroom – in the bathroom.

Showroom – in the living room.

A kiosk to order different products.


Pictures of the medical area:

Various checks that can be done.

More screenings.

The doctors from the hospitals nearby who come into the centre.


In the front area of the community centre is a exercise area for residents in the community:

A senior exercising.

People of different ages gather.

People can play ping-pong.


Next to the community centre, there is a place where I saw people playing mahjong:

An area where people were playing mahjong.

Many were playing.


Pictures of the residential area where the centre is located:

Families were gathering.

Pathways leading to the blocks.

People can sit and enjoy the greenery.

The front of a residential block.

Residential blocks.


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