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Later today, Philips Singapore will announce the winners of its Philips Future Living Spaces contest organised as part of the company’s 60th anniversary celebrations. The contest was organised to inspire the next generation to think of solutions to improve Singapore’s living spaces and issues such climate change, an ageing population, urbanisation and sustainability were brought up. More than 60 ideas were submitted by local tertiary students and 20 were shortlisted.

Of the finalists, 21-year-old Juventia Tjahyono from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, was the only one who tackled the ageing population. Agelessvoice gets the low-down on her idea:


Why did you choose elderly as an issue to address in your concept and idea for the contest? What do you see are the issues affecting elderly in today’s society?

Based on research, Singapore has a fast growing ageing population. Despite this, many people remain unprepared for this and there are not many products for the elderly available in Singapore yet. This is why I chose to focus on the elderly as it would bring attention to this problem, and give me a chance to share my idea with others. In my opinion, the issues affecting the elderly is health as opposed to anything else.


Can you share how you came up with the concept of a walking stick?

Health is one of the biggest problems for the elderly. Memory deterioration and overall weakness are inevitable problems that they face. Even though technology may be a problem to the elderly now, future generations will be more tech-savvy. This was the inspiration for the walking stick which will not only aid them in their walking but has a mounted screen on it to help them remember their schedules.


If you are not a winner, what will happen to your idea? Would you try to get it further realised?

Yes, if there is an opportunity for me to make it happen, I will explore more into it.


With your interest in elderly, what are your plans after you have graduated?

At the moment I do not have any specific plans, however if there are opportunities to work with the elderly, I would consider them.



** There were a few other entries from students who tackled the ageing population but did not make it to the Top 20. Here are two:


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