Encouraging towns to create elder-friendly environments

A guidebook compiling the various initiatives and experiences of 16 towns in Singapore has been launched, in hopes of encouraging other towns to get onboard and care for their elderly residents. According to a newspaper article, the guidebook will be distributed to all constituencies by December.

The 16 towns were part of a ground-up initiative under the City for All Ages (CFAA) pilot project which was started in 2011 by the Ministerial Committee on Ageing to create more senior-friendly environments. The guidebook focuses on three main sections:

Reaching out – Sharing with residents about CFAA project and how they can be involved.

Understanding needs – Finding out from residents how the community can better support their needs.

Addressing needs – Working with public agencies and community partners to customise suitable solutions to meet identified needs.

The newspaper article added that the towns under CFAA receive a grant of up to S$50,000 each. “But moving forward, the Government will evaluate any new projects and assess what assistance they need.”

To see a PDF of the guidebook, go here.


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