Singaporeans shun nursing positions

There were more job openings for nearly all occupational groups, according to the “Job Vacancies, 2014″ report by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), most notably in several areas including in nursing. As at September last year, the number of vacancies for registered nurse (660) and enrolled/assistant nurse (590) that were unfilled for at least six months were the highest among the PMET (professionals, managers, executives and technicians) jobs. And, according to a newspaper article, these two jobs also had the highest incidences of vacancies among PMET jobs that employers reported were hard to fill by Singaporeans.

The MOM report shared that unattractive pay and a preference not to do shift work were reasons cited why Singaporeans did not take up these posts. The newspaper article also shared that currently, there are about 36,000 skilled nurses in the healthcare system.

With an ageing population and more community and acute hospitals slated to be built in Singapore, this problem will continue if these jobs continue to be looked upon as unattractive and non-Singaporean nurses will continue to be tapped on.

To view the report, here’s the link.


(* PHOTO CREDIT (featured image): Nurse 1, wolak, free images)


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