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agelessvoice is a blog where experts in the ageing sector can share their opinions. The blog is meant only to generate ideas, not to slander or to push products so do respect what it is all about.

agelessvoice, a unique senior product by Ageless Pte Ltd, is about bringing awareness of seniors in this youth-obsessed society. I hope this blog becomes a useful platform for people around the world to understand ageing and experts in the ageing sector, as well as Governments, can learn from each other and not re-invent the wheel. And do check out agelessonline, an online magazine specially for seniors. It is chock-full of good information that can help seniors live their lives happy and healthy. Do subscribe – it is free and enjoy!



Eleanor has over 22 years’ editorial experience, having worked for consumer and trade magazines, both in the US and Singapore. She was also a stringer at “The Philadelphia Inquirer”, while still a student at Temple University in the US. Returning to Asia, she is an advocate for seniors and active ageing, having worked for a seniors’ magazine, founding two seniors’ magazines and in 2009, starting her own seniors’ free  online magazine called Agelessonline and later a blog called Agelessvoice to advocate senior issues.

Besides her work with Agelessonline, she is also involved in the non-profit sector. She is currently the managing editor of “SALT Online”, an e-magazine by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, which fosters the non-profit community in Singapore and managing editor of “Humaneity Magazine”, a publication that highlights volunteering, NGO/NPOs, CSR and philanthropy globally.


Eleanor Yap
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