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Silver surfers in Asia-Pacific

Silver Group, a company based in Singapore that helps businesses and Governments benefit from the 50+ population, recently released data on the silver surfers in Asia-Pacific. Some of the highlights include:

  • The 55+ market represents just 9 percent of all online users across the Asia-Pacific region. The largest online users include the 25 to 34 years’ group (28 percent) and the 15 to 24 years’ group (also at 28 percent), followed by the 35 to 44 years’ group (23 percent) and 45 to 54 years’ group (12 percent).
  • In Asia-Pacific, New Zealand leads with 22.5 percent of online users who are 55+, followed by Japan at a close second at 22.4 percent. Behind the pack is Australia at 21 percent and Hong Kong at 14.2 percent. The least of online users who are 55+ is India at 2.6 percent and Indonesia at 3.8 percent. Penetration is greater in the more developed economies of Asia-Pacific.
  • Online usage among 55+ grew almost 10 percent in the past year from 45,143 in November 2010 to 52,637 in November 2011. They spent increasing time online – an average of 1.10 hours per day.
  • In terms of gender, it is predominantly older males who are online. Hong Kong and New Zealand are exceptions, with females leading.
  • What are these seniors looking for? Most interested in travel, telecom and health sites.

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At McDonald's Career Day.

McDonald’s Restaurants in Singapore was recently in the news for wanting to hire 600 seniors during its inaugural McDonald’s Career Day. The company has been a pioneer in hiring seniors, Agelessonline finds out more about its policies and being all-inclusive from Tan Kwang Cheak, senior director, Operations, Brand Extensions, Business Planning and Human Resources, McDonald’s Restaurants, Singapore:

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Lack of products for seniors

Later today, Philips Singapore will announce the winners of its Philips Future Living Spaces contest organised as part of the company’s 60th anniversary celebrations. The contest was organised to inspire the next generation to think of solutions to improve Singapore’s living spaces and issues such climate change, an ageing population, urbanisation and sustainability were brought up. More than 60 ideas were submitted by local tertiary students and 20 were shortlisted.

Of the finalists, 21-year-old Juventia Tjahyono from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, was the only one who tackled the ageing population. Agelessvoice gets the low-down on her idea:

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Hiring older workers

Andrew Fung, general manager, TAFEP, Singapore (Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices) (the organisation promotes the adoption of fair, responsible and merit-based employment practices among employers, employees and the general public) shares his thoughts:

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How age-friendly is your workforce?

This picture is from the McDonald’s recent Career Day where the company was seeking to hire 600 seniors for its restaurants.

How age-friendly is your workplace? Almost certainly, most HR managers will respond with answers about compliance with laws and regulations. But we believe there’s a broader issue that needs to be addressed and it relates to the way the workplace adapts to the physiological ageing of its workers.

One can argue about the balance of risks and opportunities that the ageing of the workforce presents, but the truth is that in the developed world the median age of workers will be increasing for the foreseeable future.

On the positive side, McDonald’s found that customer satisfaction levels were higher in outlets that employed kitchen staff and managers aged over 60, while B&Q (the UK’s biggest DIY chain) found that older store workers have better empathy with their customers.

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