Archive - February, 2013

When the old spark has gone

Couples find it impossible to live with each other during retirement, according to a study done by Skipton Building Society in the UK. The study of 660 retired people still in relationships also showed many find their old spark has gone after giving up work.

Instead of celebrating their newfound freedom together, a massive 80 percent of respondents found they don’t share any of the same hobbies and interests, while one in five bickered about the lack of money.

Four in 10 of the older people polled also admitted they needed to learn how to live with each other again now that the children have left the nest and they are no longer committed to work.

The study also indicated one-third of retirees spend much of their time arguing about silly things with the other half, and a surprisingly 13 percent admitted they “irritate each other beyond belief”.

A further 29 percent were surprised to find they didn’t have the same expectations for their ‘golden years’.

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