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A life cycle that includes the “Fourth Age”

We often hear about the Third Age, but rarely do we hear about the “Fourth Age”.

Ageless Voice speaks to Choo Jin Kiat, executive director of voluntary welfare organisation in Singapore, O’Joy Care Services, about what it is and why it is important:

O'Joy's Health Oriented Ageing (HOA) programme.

What is the Fourth Age?

The Fourth Age is when people become dependent, either physically or mentally, on other people. Sometimes this age is called the old-old group (the Third Age focuses on the young-old where they are still healthy and active) and also includes the oldest-old – those in their 90s and above. I look at this as a life cycle; when you are born and your parents look after you, and then you grow up. As you get older, and get into the Fourth Age, you come back to being looked after.

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