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Singaporeans shun nursing positions

There were more job openings for nearly all occupational groups, according to the “Job Vacancies, 2014″ report by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), most notably in several areas including in nursing. As at September last year, the number of vacancies for registered nurse (660) and enrolled/assistant nurse (590) that were unfilled for at least six months were the highest among the PMET (professionals, managers, executives and technicians) jobs. And, according to a newspaper article, these two jobs also had the highest incidences of vacancies among PMET jobs that employers reported were hard to fill by Singaporeans.

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Innovations in the aged-care

I recently attended a three-day workshop for the public sector on designing services and experiences for the elderly in communities and public healthcare institutions, organised by the DesignSingapore Council partnering with Experientia, an international experience design consultancy based in Italy.

Experientia shared the Global Trends study, which identified five core themes and shared different individuals and groups that are innovating in the aged-care space:


TREND 1: It take a village
Trends in new models of care

• ‘Community’ is the new nursing home –

Tyze is an online tool.

Tyze, Canada – an online tool that enables a network of people to care for others, pretty much getting everybody on the same page. It is a secure, practical, Web-based solution which does the following – privately communicates with family, friends and helpers about you or the person you care about; schedules appointments and events on a shared calendar; and shares files, photos, updates and much more anywhere, anytime.

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