Archive - June, 2015

Graying prisoners in Singapore

Singapore’s prisons is looking to prototype the first age-friendly prison cell.

With a growing ageing population, this will mean many facilities will need to re-think the existing environments to cater to seniors. This includes Singapore’s prisons, which is looking to prototype the first age-friendly prison cell here that are retrofitted with anti-slip floors, grab bars and hand rails, among other features.

According to a newspaper article in “Today”, among those locked up, 418 were above 60 years of age last year, an increase from the 2010 figure of 217. According to an invitation to tender posted on the Government procurement site, GeBiz, the focus of the proposed enhancements is the toilet areas in 23 existing cells.

The article shared: “New water closets with huge push buttons and stainless steel grab-bars will be installed, while existing shower roses will be fitted with self-closing taps with large buttons. Grab bars and hand rails will also be mounted with tamper-resistant accessories. The overall toilet area will also be enlarged, with sufficient space for portable commodes.”

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