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Arts unlock those with dementia

A photo taken by one of ADA's clients in the photography part of the Arts & Dementia Programme.

There is much evidence that the arts help to stimulate those with dementia. Dr Donald Yeo, a clinical neuropsychologist at KALL Psychological & Counselling Services with a special interest in the psychological aspects of ageing and dementia, spoke about one such project called the Arts & Dementia Programme by the Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA) at the RehabTech Asia conference in March. He is also a volunteer at ADA.

Ageless Voice finds out more:

So how does arts work with those who have dementia?

With dementia, the thinking part of brain deteriorates and this affects language skills. One is not able to communicate verbally, however, arts get around this in a non-verbal manner by activating the brain’s emotional part and bypassing the limitations.

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Seniors least involved in the arts

Ballet performance by Dance Dynamic at the inaugural Silver Arts 2012. Presented by the National Arts Council, the programme was developed for seniors by fellow seniors, artists and community organisations.

Seniors and retirees (age 65 and above) have the lowest level of involvement in the arts, according to the “National Population Survey on the Arts” published recently by the National Arts Council (NAC). The survey provides a snapshot of the behavioural patterns of the population in terms of their involvement in, and perception of the arts.

Arts attendance and participation rate for this group was 26 percent and 14 percent respectively, compared with 48 percent and 19 percent for the general population. This also further compared to the youth who had an attendance and participation rate of 61 percent and 28 percent respectively.

The reasons for seniors and retirees not attending arts/cultural events were the relevance of these activities to their lives, familiarity with the artists/performers and not having anyone to go with.

The survey was conducted between October and December 2011 and included a total of 2,038 Singaporeans and PRs. It is part of NAC’s on-going efforts to provide arts practitioners, partners and industry stakeholders with useful resources to help plan and implement their programmes and activities.

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