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Ill-health dominates fears of growing older

Health issues, a failing mind and the loss of independence are among the biggest fears about getting old, a new UK study has revealed. Loneliness, being a burden to others, having little money to fund their social care or being forced out of their home also feature among the top 10.


Worrying about ageing

It also emerged that the age we start to worry is getting lower, with almost seven in 10 of those in their early 50s admitting their fears started sometime in their 40s, compared to just 14 percent of those who are already pensioners.

But 70 percent admit they have no plans in place to deal with growing old, despite more than half admitting it would actually give them peace of mind.

Researchers also found eight in 10 over 50s worry about ageing with some even admitting they are ‘kept awake’ by their fears.

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Community-based health and aged care in China

The population of China is currently 1.34 billion, which represents almost one-fifth of the world’s population. Over the period 2010 to 2065, it is estimated the proportion of people aged 65 years and over will increase from nine percent to 30 percent. In order to improve equity and financial sustainability, China is undergoing rapid health and aged care system reforms in response to its ageing population and rapid increases in the number of people with chronic diseases.


Innovative programme

Health system reforms include establishing a stronger primary healthcare system that incorporates patient-centred care and chronic disease self-management principles. A recent innovative programme has been introduced in Beijing, China, to help older people with diabetes to manage their illness. Called the “Happy Life Club”, it utilises health coaches trained in behavioural change and counselling principles to address the management of diabetes in older people in primary care settings in China. These coaches support participants to improve modifiable risk factors and adhere to effective self-management treatments associated with diabetes. This type of approach is popular with both health practitioners and older people.

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