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A call for carers to stay at work

An estimated 60,000 grandparents – 9,000 per year or 25 every day – have dropped out of the UK labour market to bring up their grandchildren only to face a lack of recognition and support from Government, according to a new report by charity Grandparents Plus. As a result, these grandparents often end up in poverty.

Shared a 57-year-old grandmother who is raising her grandson and who is now unemployed and looking for work: “I was a manager at the time and had to be in the office Monday to Friday. I felt my job was threatened if I was to take time off and that things would be made difficult for me. So I had no choice other than to resign which I really did not want to do but my grandson’s needs were more important. I am struggling financially now because of it.”

The study, “Giving Up the Day Job?”, showed how almost half (47 percent) of grandparents and other family member (such as older siblings, aunts, uncles and other relatives and also termed as kinship) carers who were previously working had to give up their jobs to care for children, many of whom have emotional difficulties and would be in local authority care had their relative not stepped in. The carers have to rely on benefits as most do not receive any allowances from their local authority.

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