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Towards a sustainable future in public services

What is the future of public service? How can governments fulfill their promise to deliver sustainable, quality public services to their citizens efficiently and cost-effectively?

Accenture’s “Delivering Public Service for the Future: Navigating the Shifts”, a series of global reports on the future of public service, projected the total Government spending on public services through 2025 (with the use of Oxford Economics’ modelling) in 10 countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Singapore, the UK and the US, with an aim to inspire Government leaders to take a fresh look at the problems they face, to present paths to progress and to show how all of the pieces should fit together.


Expenditure gap

Demand-driven spending estimates were compared against the current trajectory of public sector spending to identify the ‘expenditure gap’ in each country by 2025, along with its percent of GDP.









Looking at the Southeast Asian countries as well as Australia:

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